The steel industry EPD platform was officially launched to promote the green and low-carbon development of the steel industry

On May 19, 2022, the launch and launch ceremony of the China Iron and Steel Association’s Steel Industry Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) platform was successfully held in Beijing. Adopting the combination of “online + offline”, it aims to join hands with many high-quality enterprises and institutions in the steel industry and upstream and downstream to witness the launch of the EPD platform in the steel industry and the release of the first EPD report, and jointly promote the green, healthy and sustainable steel industry. Sustained development to help realize the national “dual carbon” strategy.

With the online and offline leaders and representatives of all parties pressing the start button together, the China Iron and Steel Association’s steel industry EPD platform was officially launched.


The launch of the EPD platform for the steel industry this time is a milestone event for the global steel industry to practice the “dual-carbon” development, and has three important meanings. The first is to use the steel industry as a pilot project to standardize the quantification of the environmental footprint of products, meet the green and low-carbon data needs of the entire value chain, open up standardized language dialogue channels at home and abroad, respond to various international carbon tax systems, and guide foreign trade decision-making and foreign trade activities; It is one of the important means for the steel industry to complete the high-quality environmental performance assessment, one of the important foundations for the low-carbon development and green transformation of the steel industry, and a tool for steel enterprises to obtain credible third-party verification of product environmental footprint information. The third is to help downstream enterprises to obtain accurate upstream steel material environmental information, realize green procurement, and help enterprises to formulate and achieve carbon reduction roadmaps more scientifically by carrying out environmental performance assessments throughout the product life cycle.

Post time: Jun-28-2022